Music is the emotional through-line of almost every story. We create original and custom musical compositions and licensed tracks to elevate the emotions of any project.

Final Mix

The final mix is the most important step in making a project shine. We specialize in dynamic mixes that highlight the main elements to bring your story to the forefront. We mix in Dolby Atmos, 5.1 and Stereo.

Sound edit

Before the project is mixed, all sounds have to be carefully selected, layered and synchronized. The overall process includes dialogue, sound effects, foley and music editing.

Sound design

Unique, inorganic sounds are key to augmenting creative visual worlds, to make them even more immersive. They enhance what we see and expand the screen in all directions.

Dubbing & voiceover

Recording (or dubbing) actors is an effective tool for improving the quality of production dialogue or adding story elements in post-production.

Dialog cleaning

It's a challenge to empathize with a character when we can't hear what he or she is saying. Cleaning up and restoring dialogue can improve poor recordings and refocus us on the humanity of a character's voice.