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Estilo: Emocional
05037full. This is a warm and soft song with a Southamerican folk style of strings. It has a tipical native dance feel, ideal for radio and TV ads. Cancion suave y calida de estilo a folclore sudamericano de cuerdas. Tiene una sensacion a baile tipico del lugar, ideal para promos de radio y TV.
Search is over
06020. This is a relaxed and inspiring folk melody with piano, mellow strings and shiny brasses. It has a new beginning feel, ideal for corporative videos and ads. Es una melodia folk relajada e inspiradora con piano, cuerdas melodicas y metales brillantes. Tiene sensacion a nuevos comienzos, ideal para videos corporativos y promos.
On my way to the sunshine
06008. A sweet and inspiring growing song with orchestal ballad style and acoustic guitar. It has a hopeful epic feel, ideal for audiobooks and commercials. Cancion creciente, dulce e inspiradora con estilo a balada orquestal y guitarra acustica. Tiene una sensacion epica esperanzada, ideal para audiolibros y comerciales.
Clear horizons
03005. This is a soft and inspirational piece with acoustic guitar leading and vocals. It has a gray and longing day feel. Ideal for radio and TV ads. Es una pieza suave e inspiracional con guitarra acústica principal y voces. Tiene una sensación a día gris y melancólico. Ideal para promos de radio y TV.
Sweet times
03012. This is a fresh and calmed vocal piece with strigns escort and a feminine corporative style. Ideal for TV or radio ads. Es una pieza vocal fresca y calmada con acompañamiento de cuerdas y estilo corporativo femenino. Ideal para promos de radio y TV.
At the end
01001. A reflective and magical song with an easy listening guitar that inspires thoughtful moment, ideal for radio promos.-Cancion reflexiva y magica con un estilo tranquilo de guitarra que inspira momento pensativo, ideal para promos de radio.
Sun hymn
03030. Himno vocal, espíritu de tribu / Vocal hymn, tribal spirit
01070. A beautiful children choir with acoustic guitar and orchestral featuring and Coke ad sensation. Ideal for TV and radio commercials. Hermoso coro de niños con guitarra acustica y acompañamiento orquestal, estilo comercial de Coca Cola. Ideal para comerciales de radio y TV.
Trust in me
09079. Es claro que debo confiar en esto se trata esta pista. Melodía pop muy pegadiza que transmite confianza. It is clear that I must trust you ... this is what this track is about. Very catchy pop melody that conveys confidence.
05022. This is a pleasant luminous orchestral piece with a soft piano ending and a romantic epic scent, ideal for audiologo and ads. Es una pieza orquestal placentera y luminosa con un suave final con piano y un aroma epico romantico, ideal para audiologos y promos.
Heartland scenes
05008. This is a soft and feminine orchestal song with an awaiting in love romantic feel, ideal for audiobooks and commercials. Es una cancion orquestal suave y femenina con sensacion romantica de enamorado a la espera, ideal para audiolibros y comerciales.
Tomorrow you will know
01072. A soft reflective piano piece with a remembering and nostalgic sensation. Great for TV and radio ads. Es una pieza de piano suave y reflexiva con una sensacion nostalgica y recordativa. Genial para comerciales de radio y TV.
Afternoon on the beach
06003. This is a very tranquil and warm piece of acoustic strings and background synth. It has a nostalgic gray day feel, great for radio and TV commercials. Pieza muy tranquila y calida de guitarras acusticas, sintetizador de fondo, y sensacion a dia gris nostalgico. Genial para comerciales de radio y TV.
The way you like
Un viaje de instropeccion y nostalgia es lo que sale de esta canción, especial para crear atmósferas.// A journey of introspection and nostalgia is what comes out of this song, special to create atmospheres.
I feel it too
01064. This is a soft and slow 4/4 drumm beat with a beautiful guitar feature and some orchestral scent that inspires gratitude and is ideal for ceremonies and ads. Es un ritmo lento de bateria 4/4 con hermoso acompañamiento de guitarra y aroma orquestal que inspira gratitud y es ideal para ceremonias y comerciales.
We want to belive
04037. This is a pleasant and inspiring theme with nice acoustic guitars and soft percussion. It has a family celebration reunion feel, great for radio and TV ad. Es un tema placentero e inspirador con agradables guitarras acusticas y percusion suave. Tiene una sensacion a celebracion familiar, genial para promo de radio y TV.
Rolling sep
03054. A cool Caribbean short song, great for TV separator sound. Cancion caribeña corta, ideal para sonido separador de show de TV.
Lovely feeling
06022. An inspiring and confident soft piece with mix of strings and brasses. It has a calming friends companion feel, great for radio and TV commercials. Pieza suave, inspiradora y confiada, con mezcla de cuerdas y metales. Tiene sensacion a acompañamiento de amigos tranquilizador, genial para promos de radio y TV.
Its up to you
02036. This is a sentimental soft piece with a folk style and leading guitar. It has a regreted and nostalgic feeling. Ideal for radio and TV ads. Es una pieza suave y sentimental con un estilo folclorico y guitarra lider. Tiene un sentimiento nostalgico y arrepentido, ideal para promos de radio y TV.
For your baby
01062. This is a very soft and slow melody with a nice orchestral scent and piano featuring. It inspires warmth and gratitude. Great for TV and radio campaigns. Es una melodia muy suave y lenta con un agradable aroma orquestal y acompañamiento de piano. Inspira calidez y gratitud. Ideal para comerciales de radio y TV.
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