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02015. This is a relaxed pop song with synth and guitar. It has a nice first date and confident sensation, ideal for Tv and radio ads. Es una cancion pop relajada con sintetizador y guitarra. 02015Tiene un agradable aroma a primera cita y confianza, ideal para comercial de radio y TV.
Future visions
04007. This is a placid pop song with nice acoustic guitars and an academic inspiring feel, great for radio and TV commercials. Es una cancion pop placida con agradables guitarras acusticas y un sentimiento academico inspirador, ideal para comerciales de radio y TV.
Love teraphy III
06100. This is a gray and easy pop piece with a mix of strings, bells and synths. It has an ethereal and ethnic dreamy feel, great for corporative videos and ads. Es una pieza pop gris y tranquila con mezcla de cuerdas, campanas y sintetizadores. Tiene sensacion eterea etnica soñadora, genial para videos corporativos y promos.
Lovely beach
01007. A funny, soft caribbean pop song with beer spilling and leisure feeling. Ideal for TV an radio ads. Es una divertida cancion pop de caribe con sensacion de cerveza derramada y tiempo libre. Ideal para comercial de radio y TV.
Sad times
01068. This is a soft strings song with choir companion and a sad and nostalgic sensation, ideal for memorial commemorative videos. Es una cancion de cuerdas suaves y acompañamiento de coro, y sensacion triste y nostalgica, ideal para videos conmemorativos.
Ride in the clouds
06001. A relaxed and optimistic growing piece with strings, brasses and a happy and hopeful feel of freedom and triumph, ideal for radio and TV ads. Pieza creciente, relajada y optimista, con cuerdas, metales y una sensacion feliz y esperanzada de libertad y triunfo, ideal para promos de radio y TV.
Poweringnet 4
05057 op D. A shiny and calmed electro piece with motivating synths. It has a quiet and nice thoughtful moment feel, ideal for radio and TV commercials. Pieza electronica brillante y calmada con sintetizadores motivantes. Tiene sensacion a momento pensativo agradable, ideal para comerciales de radio y TV.
Outer space III
07004altC. This is a spooky piece of dark synths and gong strokes. It has a Sci Fi discoverment feel, ideal for audiobooks and ads. Es una pieza escalofriante de sintetizadores oscuros y toques de gong. Tiene sensacion a descubrimiento de ciencia ficcion, ideal para audiolibros y promos.
Great time tonight
07066. This is a slow and seductive blues rock song with leading strings. It has an attractive ballad scent, great for radio and TV commercials. Es una cancion lenta y seductora de blues rock con cuerdas principales. Tiene aroma a balada atractiva, genial para comerciales de radio y TV.
Soul train (Piano mix)
08064. A sweet and mixed pop song with folk style and synth strokes. It has an optimistic academic feel, ideal for radio and TV ads. Cancion pop dulce y mezclada con estilo folk y toques de sintetizador. Tiene sensacion academica motivada, ideal para promos de radio y TV.
Country land
148. Sonido sudamericano tradicional que evoca la cultura de raicés Argentinas // Traditional South American sound that evokes the culture of Argentine roots
Something in the air
04058. This is a strirring rock ballad with growing brasses and a graduation feel, ideal for ceremonies and ads. Es una balada de rock inspiradora con metales crecientes y sensacion a graduacion, ideal para ceremonias y promos.
06004. A quiet and slow piece of acoustic guitars. It has a sweet and warm lullaby scent and homesick feel, ideal for radio and TV ads. Pieza tranquila y lenta de guitarras acusticas. Tiene aroma a cancion de cuna dulce y calida y sensacion nostalgica, ideal para promos de radio y TV.
Gaia 6
05036op 3. This is a tranquil growing chillout song with mix of strings and vocal escort. It has a proud ethnic feel and beautiful landscape scent, ideal for audiobooks and ads. Cancion chillout tranquila creciente con cuerdas y voces. Tiene sensacion etnica orgullosa y aroma a paisajes hermosos, ideal para audiolibros y promos.
Songs of peace
05011. This is a silky and feminine chillout song with a bossanova percussion style and a seductive feel. Great for TV and radio commercials. Es una cancion chillout sedosa y femenina con estilo de percusion bossanova y sensacion seductora. Genial para comerciales de radio y TV.
Bright as the sun (no whistle)
08090. This is a motivating pop track with leading Ukelele and Whistle. It has an athletic inspiration feel, ideal for radio andCorporate and TV commercials/Esta es una banda de motivación, pop con ukelele y silbato. Tiene un feelling de inspiración, ideal para radio y corporativos y anuncios de televisión.
My Carnival
08080. This is a relaxed cumbia style piece with mellow brasses and synth escort. It has a bailanta music band feel, ideal for ads and audiobooks. Es una pieza de cumbia relajada con metales melodicos y sintetizador. Tiene sensacion a banda musical de bailanta, ideal para promos y audiolibros.
Keeping hope alive
07062. A relaxed and optimistic pop piece of guitars and whistle. It has a longing feel, Guns 'n Roses like. Great for radio and TV ads. Pieza pop relajada y optimista con guitarras y silbido. Tiene sensacion nostalgica, parecido a Guns 'n Roses. Genial para promos de radio y TV.
Let me go (featuring Rochi)
Ritmo marcado y claps para esta canción con Hip hop y buenos sintetizadores.Ideal fara radio, TV and web Rythmic and claps for this song with Hip hop and rhythm good fara sintetizadores.Ideal Radio, TV and web
Really quiet voices
03011. A soothing pipe organ melody with strings and meditative and praying feel, ideal for temple scenes or ads. Melodia de organo tranquilizadora con cuerdas y sentimiento meditativo y de oracion, ideal para escenas de templos o promos.
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