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Estilo: Etnico
An the beat goes on
191. El son latino y festivo esta impreso en esta canción que invita a bailar y divertirse. Alegre y Feliz. // The Latin and festive are printed in this song that invites you to dance and have fun. Cheerful and happy.
Oriental tek
05038 full. This is an energic electro song with an ethnic Oriental style. It has a mysterious Oriental city feel, ideal for audiobooks and ads. Cancion electro energica con estilo etnico Oriental. Tiene una sensacion a misteriosa ciudad Oriental, ideal para audiolibros y promos.
Near Copacabana
03025. This is a soft Brazilian Copacabana samba with gentle guitar and a romantic beach restaurant scent. Great for radio and TV commercials. Es una suave samba brasilera de Copacabana con agradable guitarra y aroma a restaurante romantico en la playa. Genial para comerciales de radio y TV.
Sun hymn III
03032. An ethereal tribal style piece with even vocals and ethnic ritual feel. Great for ads and native info videos. Pieza estilo tribal eterea con voces parejas y sensaciona ritual etnico. Ideal para promos y videos informativos autoctonos.
Party in Italy
09051.La fiesta de Italia queda impresa en esta pista alegre y nostálgica. Es muy ilustrativa de lo Italiano // The party of Italy is printed in this cheerful and nostalgic track. It is very illustrative of what Italian
Italian plaza
03020. This is a funny Italian piece with leading mandoline and street music band sensation. Great for radio and TV ads. Es una pieza italiana divertida con mandolina principal y sensacion a banda musical callejera. Genial para promos de radio y TV.
Urban step
08053. This is a bright mellow piece of latin cumbia with leading brasses. It has a bailanta dance feel, great for ads and audiobooks. Es una pieza brillante melodica de cumbia latina con metales principales. Tiene sensacion a baile de bailanta, genial para promos y audiolibros.
Country land
148. Sonido sudamericano tradicional que evoca la cultura de raicés Argentinas // Traditional South American sound that evokes the culture of Argentine roots
In min alu
03022. This is a daring Arabian sound with leading flutes and vocal strokes. It has a criminal charmer scent and is ideal for commercials and audiobooks. Es un sonido arabico atrevido con flautas al frente y toques vocales. Tiene un aroma de criminal encantador y es ideal para comerciales y audiolibros.
Across the river
10087. El ambiente natural nos invita a la reflexión y estas cuerdas acompañan muy bien ese momento tan esperado. // The natural environment invites us to reflection and these ropes accompany that long-awaited moment very well.
La pampa
03023. A calming Southamerican folk song with sweet acoustic guitar and bass drumm. It has a Gaucho musician feel and is great for radio and TV ads. Cancion de folclore sudamericano tranquilizante con dulce guitarra acustica y bombo. Tiene un sentimiento a musico gaucho y es ideal para prmos de radio y TV.
A la france
04015. This is an entertaining song with a French style of accordeon, brasses and a Paris street musician feel, great for TV and radio ads. Es una cancion entretenida con estilo frances de acordeon, metales y sensacion a musico callejero de Paris, genial para promos de radio y TV
You come to me
09090. Un merengue muy agitado que nos transporta al baile más divertido y festivo // A very hectic meringue that transports us to the most fun and festive dance
03026. This is an inspiring song with an ethnic mix of synth and bass drumm. It has a native pride ceremony feel and is ideal for ads and informative videos. Es una cancion inspiradora con mezcla etnica de sintetizador y bombo. Tiene una sensacion a ceremonia de orgullo nativo y es ideal para promos y videos informativos.
03024. This is a mellow French piece with accordeon and strings and a Parisian lovers walk feel. Ideal for radio and TV commercials. Es una cancion francesa melodica con acordeon y cuerdas y sensacion a caminata parisina de enamorados. Ideal para comerciales de radio y TV.
Silent forces
06071. A jolly nostalgic melody with a Mediterranean style of bandoneon and orchestral strings. It has an elder friendship longing memories feel, great for radio and TV ads. Melodia alegre nostalgica estilo mediterraneo de bandoneon, cuerdas orquestales y sensacion a recuerdos de amistad antigua, genial para promos de radio y TV.
06036. This is a confident ethnic piece with Southamerican folk style of flutes. It has a plateau native dance scent, great for audiobooks, informative videos and ads. Es una pieza etnica confiada con estilo de flautas de folclore sudamericano. Tiene aroma a baile tipico del altiplano, genial para audiolibros, videos informativos y promos.
Amazon vibes
03013. This is a merry Amazonian folk song with percussion and leading glowing flute. It has a jungle feeling and is ideal for radio and TV ads. Es una cancion folclorica amazonica alegre con percusion y flauta encendida al frente. Tiene una sensacion a jungla y es ideal para promos de radio y TV.