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Estilo: Crescendo
Sad times
01068. This is a soft strings song with choir companion and a sad and nostalgic sensation, ideal for memorial commemorative videos. Es una cancion de cuerdas suaves y acompañamiento de coro, y sensacion triste y nostalgica, ideal para videos conmemorativos.
After VI
05063 sin voces. This is a nervous electro chillout song with steady rythm, synth and brasses. It has a hurried city routine feel, ideal for newsreel music and ads. Es una cancion electro chillout nerviosa con ritmo estable, sintetizador y metales, y sensacion a rutina apresurada de ciudad, ideal para musica de noticiero y promos.
One more time
06087. A growing upbeat pop piece with leading acoustic guitars, strings and synth. It has a happy and proud maternal scent, great for radio and TV ads. Pieza pop creciente y alegre con guitarra acustica principal, cuerdas y sintetizadores. Tiene aroma maternal orgulloso, genial para promos de radio y TV.
Poppy song
04014. A pushing pop song with acoustic guitar, synth and growing percussion and vocals. It has a new initiative feel, ideal for academic ceremony or ads. Cancion pop ambiciosa con guitarra acustica, sintetizador, percusion creciente y voces. Tiene una sensacion a nueva iniciativa, ideal para promos o ceremonia academica.
05036 coros full. This is a tranquil growing chillout song with mix of strings and vocal escort. It has a proud ethnic feel and beautiful landscape scent, ideal for audiobooks and ads. Cancion chillout tranquila creciente con cuerdas y voces. Tiene sensacion etnica orgullosa y aroma a paisajes hermosos, ideal para audiolibros y promos.
06073. A growing and uplifting orchestral theme with enchanting strings and an epic war ending feel of relief, great for ads and ceremonies. Tema orquestal creciente y elecante con cuerdas encantadoras y sensacion epica belica de alivio, genial para promos y ceremonias.
Peacefull time
07001. A very happy growing pop song with strings, shiny leading synth and choir. It has a friendly helpful companion feel, ideal for radio and TV commercials. Cancion pop muy feliz, con cuerdas, sintetizador principal brillante y coro. Tiene sensacion amigable a compañía y ayuda, ideal para comerciales de radio y TV.
Mistery on the way
04053. This is a dark and dramatic orchestal piece with an epic style and Batman like, great for duel scenes and ads. Es una pieza orquestal oscura y dramatica con estilo epico y parecido a Batman, genial para escenas de duelo y promos.
Nothing like the sun
09088. Nada como lo simple y real, la alegría de disfrutar en el camino con música tranquila y motivadora - Nothing like the simple and real, the joy of enjoying along the way with quiet and motivating music
Be with you all the way
04033. This is an easy and motivating pop piece with guitars and brasses. It has a new initiative feel, great for radio and TV ads. Es una cancion pop tranquila y motivante con guitarras y metales. Tiene una sensacion a nueva iniciativa, genial para promos de radio y TV.
Train of love
09043. De paseo con esta divertida pieza pop guiada por el dulce Ukelel // Ride with this fun pop piece guided by the sweet Ukelele
Little by little
01046. A catchy and inspiring soft song with sweet strings and epic optimistic feeling, great for corporative tributes. Cancion inspiradora y suave con cuerdas dulces y sensacion epica optimista, buena para homenajes corporativos.
New time square
04063. A quiet and enjoyable electro pop song with a nice mix of synth and acoustic guitar. It has a children videogame scent, great for TV and radio ads. Cancion electro pop tranquila y agradable con mezcla de sintetizador y guitarra acustica. Tiene un aroma a videojuego para niños, genial para promos de radio y TV.
Love teraphy II
06099. This is a gray and easy pop piece with a mix of strings, bells and synths. It has an ethereal and ethnic dreamy feel, great for corporative videos and ads. Es una pieza pop gris y tranquila con mezcla de cuerdas, campanas y sintetizadores. Tiene sensacion eterea etnica soñadora, genial para videos corporativos y promos.
The attum way
08099. A road in crescendo with very upbeat and motivating climate , searching for a better future./Un camino en crescendo con clima muy optimista y motivador, como buscando un futuro mejor.
09091.Un emotivo piano que crece con un cierre optimista y motivador An emotive piano that grows with an optimistic and motivating closing
Kenny´s home
02039. This is a warm and bright pop song with leadin guitar and uprising brasses. It inspires end of a cycle and new beginnings and is ideal for ceremonial closing Es una cancion pop calida y brillante con guitarra lider y metales crecientes. Inspira fin de una ciclo y nuevos comienzos y es ideal para cierres ceremoniales.
Picaresque key
10016.A picaresque excitement to accompany a fun and motivating message. Whistle and Ukulele sounds for this attractive track.// A picaresque excitement to accompany a fun and motivating message. Whistle and Ukulele sounds for this attractive track.
I feel it too
01064. This is a soft and slow 4/4 drumm beat with a beautiful guitar feature and some orchestral scent that inspires gratitude and is ideal for ceremonies and ads. Es un ritmo lento de bateria 4/4 con hermoso acompañamiento de guitarra y aroma orquestal que inspira gratitud y es ideal para ceremonias y comerciales.
04027. An uplifting growing song with acoustic guitar start, orchestal brasses and strong electric guitar end. It has a graduation scent, great for ceremonies and ads. Cancion creciente elevadora con arranque de guitarra acustica, metales de orquesta y fin de guitarra electrica. Aroma a graduacion, genial para ceremonias y promos.
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