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Estilo: Techno
12. This is a cool electro song with chillout style and a runaway show feel. Ideal for corporative videos and ads. Es una cancion electronica agradable con estilo chillout y sensacion a desfile de pasarela. Ideal para videos corporativos y promos.
Back to seventies
100. This is a quiet funky pop piece with a retro synth. It has an enigmatic detective feel, ideal for commercials and audiobooks. Cancion pop funky relajada con sintetizador retro. Tiene una sensacion detectivesca enigmatica, ideal para comerciales y audiolibros.
Just beginning
35. An ethereal growing piece with strings, brasses and synth. It has a magic world discovery feel, ideal for TV and radio commercials. Pieza eterea creciente con cuerdas, metales y sintetizador, y sensacion a descubirmiento de mundo magico, ideal para promos de radio y TV.
As soon as possible
105. An urgent techno piece with synth and piano escort. It has a persecution feel, ideal for action scenes and ads. Cancion tecno urgente con sintetizador y acompañamiento de piano. Tiene sensacion a persecucion, ideal para escenas de accion y promos.
Psyco mood
02. This is a psychedelic chillout song with steady rythm synth and a dark and misterious feel, great for suspence scenes. Es una cancion chillout psicodelica con sintetizador de ritmo estable y sensacion oscura y misteriosa, ideal para escenas de suspenso.
Victory flowers
10010. Una maravillosa atmosfera de sintetzadores, y base electrónica sintetizan esta pista motivadora y llena de energía. // A wonderful atmosphere of synthesizers, and electronic base synthesize this motivating and full of energy track.
03. This is a glad pop song with nice guitars and synth escort. It has an Europop feel, Erasure like, great for radio and TV ads. Cancion pop contenta con agradable guitarra y sintetizador. Tiene sensacion Europop, parecido a Erasure, genial para promos de radio y TV.
Time will come
88. This is a tempered mood pop song with cool acoustic guitar, synth and a confident and decided feel, great for radio and TV commercials. Cancion pop templada con guitarra electrica, sintetizador y sensacion confiada y decidida, genial para comerciales de radio y TV.
Inquire ground
06. A dark electro piece with piano feature and an investigative police feel, ideal for TV show intro and corporative audiologo. Pieza electronica oscura con piano y sensacion a investigacion policial, ideal para intro de show de TV y audiologo corporativo.
Order new
10012. Un territorio electrónico, experimental y algo vintage es lo que resume esta pista energética y bailable // An electronic, experimental and somewhat vintage territory summarizes this energetic and danceable track
90´s echoes
02001. This is a danceable pop song with heavy bass and vocoder voices feature that inspire night party. Ideal for Tv and radio ads. Es una cancion pop bailable con bajo pesado y codificador de voces acompañando, que inspira a fiesta de noche. Ideal para promos de radio y TV.
Power night
11. This is a vibrant electro song with strong synth. It has a dark and hurried city routine feel, ideal for radio and TV commercials. Es una cancion electronica vibrante con fuerte sintetizador. Tiene una sensacion oscura y apurada a rutina de ciudad, ideal para comerciales de radio y TV.
Found joy
09046. Un himno con crescendo. De base electrónica y muy motivador. Con desarrollo ideal para corporativos o films // A hymn crescendo. Electronic and very motivating base. Ideal for corporate or films.
Long intro
02041. A steady rythm pop track with bass leading and electric guitar scort. It has a feeling of dark bar chat and its ideal for TV and radio ads. Tema pop de ritmo estable con bajo al frente y acompañamiento de guitarra electrica. Tiene una sensacion de charla en bar oscuro, ideal para promos de radio y TV.
Movie making
02013. This is an active and uprising electro piece with nice bass and a videogame song scent. Ideal for radio and TV ads. Es una pieza electronica activa y ascendente con una agradable bajo y sensacion a cancion de videojuego, ideal para comerciales de radio y TV.
As you grow up
10025.Energia que no tiene fin, cuando necesitás algo que te levante este tema puede ser una buena píldora para el alma. Comerciales, Series y Promos // Energy that has no end, when you need something that raises this issue can be a good pill for the soul. Commercial, Series and Promos
Big friends times
10011.Momento de buenos amigos y diversión asegurada. Potente electropop para promos, comerciales y series // Moment of good friends and fun assured. Powerful electropop for promos, commercials and series
Glory in your eyes
142.Una potente marcha camino al podio, con un pulso bien marcado y un sabor inspirador ideal para acompañar imágenes deportivas/A powerful way up to the podium, with a wll marked pulse and an ispirational flavor. Ideal fot sports images.
Direct to the dancefloor
102. This is a modern electro pop song with synth and claps effect. It has a dark electronic night club scent, great for radio and TV ads. Cancion electro pop moderna con sintetizador, efecto de palmas, y aroma a club nocturno electronico oscuro, genial para promos de radio y TV.
Always gaming
55. A droll tecno song with edgy synth, bass and brasses. It has a 90s videogame feel, Mario Bros like, great for radio and TV commercials. Cancion tecno divertida con sintetizador nervioso, bajo y metales, sensacion a videojuego noventoso, parecido a Mario Bros, genial para comerciales de radio y TV.
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