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Estilo: Chillout
18. A gentle song with a mixed style of synth and ethnic flutes and guitar. It has a longing feel of lost, ideal for radio and TV ads. Cancion gentil con estilo mezclado de sintetizador y flautas y guitarra etnicas. Tiene un sentimiento nostalgico de perdida, ideal para promos de radio y TV.
Rainbow in your face (GTR mix)
07070. A shiny enigmatic chillout piece with bright synths and gentle acoustic guitar. It has a magical childish imaginary world scent, great for radio and TV ads. Pieza chillout brillante enigmatica con brillantes sintetizadores y agradable guitarra acustica. Tiene aroma a mundo imaginario infantil, genial para promos de radio y TV.
Close future
02006. This is a soft ethnical chillout song with voice features and lounge clime sensation. Ideal for TV and radio ads. Es una cancion chillout etnica suave con acompañamiento de voces y sensacion de clima lounge. Genial para promos de radio y TV.
Look further
10106. Brillante y brillante, con piano electrónico, sintetizadores y guitarra acústica en un ambiente agradable y relajante. // Bright and sparckly, featuring electronic piano, synthetizers and acoustic guitar in a fliendly and relaxing mood.
On the run
10035. Clima de alta tecnología para esta pista con sintetizador pulsante y pegadizo. // High-tech climate for this track with pulsating and catchy synthesizer.
Suffer eyes
08. This is a cool chillout song with brasses and a James Bond flavor. Great for corporative video and commercials. Es una cancion chillout cool con metales y un sazon a James Bond. Genial para video corporativo y comerciales.
Grow up
47. This is a very quiet chillout song with piano and strings. It has a sad and romantic loneliness feel, great for radio and TV ads. Es una cancion chillout muy tranquila con piano y cuerdas, y una sensacion triste y romantica solitaria, genail para promos de radio y TV.
Discovering times
50. A settled strings theme with fanfare strokes and a romantic ballad feel. Sade like, ideal for radio and TV commercials. Tema de cuerdas calmado con toques de trompeteo y sensacion a balada romantica. Parecido a Sade, ideal para comerciales de radio y TV.
Rivers flow
10078. Inquietante track llena de misterio y emoción. Arreglos de coros y excelente feel. Disturbing track full of mystery and emotion. Choir arrangements and excellent feel.